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Newest Deviations

The window for propsals has ended and invoices will be sent out within the next hour or so.

Commission proposals can be submitted between now and 8pm Eastern Thursday, Jan 8th. I will select at least 7 commissions from these proposals based on what I find most interesting and what gives variet. Only those I accept will be contacted at the end of the submission window.
  • Send me a note with all details and references relevant to your commission, and include your e-mail.
  • If you wish to submit multiple proposals, send each one as a separate note. However, no more than one per person will be accepted.
  • Accepted commissioners will be contacted soon after the window closes, and invoices will be sent to the e-mails provided.

Headerhintg by 0pik-0ort

$60 for one character, $40 for each additional character
Simple background included. Complex backgrounds can be negotiated.
~3000-4000px max dimension, depending on composition
One round of minor revisions is allowed at completion. If requested, the sketch stage can be shown for up to two rounds of revisions.



• Must be paid in full via Paypal before I will start the commission. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail.
• Let me know if you cannot pay on the day of/day after opening. Payment must be made within a week. 
• Refunds will only be given for commissions that have not been started. 


• Important details: Visual reference or detailed description of the character/person, expression/mood, visual reference for size (if expanded). This is the minimum I need to work with, but more is okay.
• Illustrated or photographic references are both acceptable. Written description is usually fine, but if the character is complex I may charge extra for the time figuring out how to piece the details together.
• If you need to make amendments to your proposal, do so ASAP. Additions or changes may not be accepted after work has begun.
• Let me know if you'd like the commission to be private or anonymous! 

Accepted Subject Matter

• I'm okay working with most types of expansion, my gallery can serve as reference. Other things like giantess, muscle, vore, inanimate object TFs are okay too.
• Furries, monsters, aliens, and other non-human characters are usually okay.
• Male expansion is usually okay only if it's in a cartoonish manner, otherwise no. Male muscle is okay.
• No Futa.
• I will not draw explicit nudity (i.e. no exposed nipples or genitals), but implied or scantily clad is okay.
• I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
• Feel free to ask about subject matter that isn't mentioned.

Turnaround Times

• Once payment is received, your commission will be added to the current commissions queue. The queue will be displayed on my main page, below the top journal entry.
• Commissions will be completed within the month they are offered for. Any significant delays will be announced on my journal or noted to commissioners.
• If you need an image for a specific date, let me know and I'll do my best to accomodate you.


• You may repost, for non-commercial purposes, images commissioned by you on any art-focused website (e.g. furaffinity, tumblr) except deviantART
• You are welcome to crop & resize images commissioned by you as avatars or blog images. If need be, ask and I can crop it for you.
• Private commissions are expected to remain private. If you decide to post a private commission publicly, I may post it to my gallery if I so choose.
• I retain the rights to the artwork.

Commissions Queue

Commission Information
Next Opening Date: February

Last update - Jan 22 @ 23:20 Eastern

Commissions are completed roughly in the order they are paid for, with some variance depending on circumstance.

1. Ghassy33 - Complete!
2. l904 - Complete!
3. fun-10-X-int-40-Ir2 - Complete!
4. fun-10-X-int-40-Ir2 - Complete!
5. Booly (show sketch) - Complete!
6. zyxcba - Complete!
7. Kreizen - Complete!
8. halifax32 - Complete!
9. Ulyssexx - Complete!
10. OM - Complete!



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BlueElectro2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Will you do one where theres a blueberry person and that person pops
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sure Untitled-2 by 0pik-0ort
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Love the detail in your art, keep up the great work! ^_^
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Can you do a story one, like the turkey tf, but with a female to frog please
0pik-0ort Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
here you go Untitled-1 by 0pik-0ort
CaligulaClone Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You gave the request the attention it deserves!
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You won internet for eternity!! Genius XD
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Hauntingly beautiful piece, 0pik!
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Rolling Cancer La 
Nova225 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
There's a lot of great pictures you made that were submitted to the 'Plump Ponies' club and are awaiting approval on 'Your' side.
Would it be possible for you to accept, please ?
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